Sunday, 3 August 2014

Writer's Block

It has been two weeks, four days, 19 hours and 55 minutes since my last blog post. I shamefully admit that was resurrected from the ‘Too Shit For Blog’ folder in my Documents Drive. I have been avoiding my blog in recent months due to a personal fear.

This fear began some time ago when I entered into a new relationship. At first I didn’t blog because, as always, a new love is all consuming. I then found it difficult to write, even when I had many hours alone. There were a few sporadic attempts as one would gather from the disregarded documents which are still sitting open, unsaved on my MacBook. It seemed that my former knack for developing ideas and the initial spark of inspiration that once woke me in the middle of the night had vanished.

Then I began to see the issue. My posts are always inspired by current events in my life – ground breaking, right? The development of a new relationship inspired articles such as ‘The Unexpected Side Effects of a New Relationship’ and ‘RIP Batch Life’. I was terrified the blog I’d based on the life of an independent, sardonic young female would no longer appeal to its audience if it contained articles chronicling events that often involved another person.

As unsettling as this growing fear is, I can no longer stay silent. Sadly, it would appear that I can’t even stay silent when my shiny new boyfriend is in the room and I need to suppress flatulence. This shortcoming, along with many others, made me realise that I will navigate my way through this relationship the same way I do with all other aspects of my life. Embarrassed determination will carry me through the honeymoon phase and provide many shameful yet hilarious situations for your reading pleasure.

Stay tuned, shit is about to get humiliating!

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