Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Mature Way to Deal with a Hectic Skedge

We’ve all had those weeks where you’re constantly occupied. It starts out with a nice dinner on Wednesday, a birthday party on Saturday and an optometrist appointment the following Thursday. Before you know it, something unexpected pops up that demands the remainder of your time like a major project at work or one of those godforsaken house inspections. When it all gets to be too much and you just want a second to yourself, it can be hard to negotiate a free afternoon without being totally irresponsible. Here are a few tips I’ve come across that never seem to impact your life in a negative manner.

Cancel all medical-related engagements
There’s no need to worry about that funny spot on your back or that numbness in your right arm. You haven’t binge watched TV in days – treat yo self! Rescheduling your appointment at the last minute is payback for all the times you’ve missed happy hour because your doctor was running late.

Bail on that birthday party
So what if your best friend has been there for you through everything? Now is the time to send flowers to her workplace with a cute little card explaining that you won’t make it to her party. You’re too far behind in your Thought Catalog browsing to justify the time required to select an outfit, much less actually make an appearance.

Get your car washed another day
Sure, there is enough avian faecal matter covering your vehicle to ensure unwanted attention from quarantine officers and passengers may actually gasp when exposed to the interior. It’s not like it can get much worse - procrastination is vital in this scenario. You should stay back at work where no one will bother you while you attempt to come up with something resembling a blog post. What’s more important? Preserving the value of a new car or a deadline set by yourself with no actual ramifications if the timeline is not met? Obvi, it’s the latter.

Say yes to that dinner date
You have a house inspection the following day and you’re not entirely sure if you have clean clothes for tomorrow but you don’t need to deal with that stuff tonight. Some would say receiving an adorable dinner invite is the universe telling you that you need a break. Others would say you'll regret your procrastination in the morning. Those haters are clearly unaware of the empowering nature behind social media and hashtags such as #noregrets.

Ignore your phone
You receive a random call while you're getting reacquainted with Instagram. What do you do? You certainly can't answer it, then insist you require quiet time. That phone call could be work related or worse, it could be your doctor calling because you missed your appointment (Ok, so you didn't actually cancel it in the first place). When you begin to feel guilty about wasting their time and an appointment slot that someone could have used, just remind yourself that you didn't slash anyone's tires. There are worse people out there.

Be Aggressive
When you get stressed and feel as though you'd convert to Hasidism if it guaranteed a quiet moment, taking it out on other people is a sure fire way to ensure those event invitations cease rolling in. You'll never have to endure another acquaintance’s house warming or baby shower if you chew them out for acknowledging you when you enter a room. It's a rather effective way to set yourself up for the future. Remember, planning ahead is vital for achieving success.

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