Saturday, 1 February 2014

The One Millionth 20s To Do List

Call me crazy but I feel like the internet is seriously lacking when it comes to numbered lists that depict the ideal experience of a twenty-something. We're also experiencing a serious shortage of cat vids and memes but that's a whole different issue. Below are a few things you may or may not want to look into, before or after you turn 30.

1. Let's start with the basics... move out of the suburb you grew up in. For some, it may not seem like a big deal but there's nothing worse than being one of those people who leave the nest but never really travel far. Aside from the obligatory group holidays, they remain in the suburb they grew up in. The main offenders will only socialise with people from high school and try super hard to never leave the area – except for the annual camping trip where they load up their Toyota Camry, plaster a few more stickers across the bumper and pretend they have a life for a few days.

2. Fly to a different city for a single day. Everyone talks about moving to LA to work in film or traveling Europe to find yourself. I'm sure those experiences are awesome but for those of us who are too scared to take the leap, wake up early one Sunday morning and fly to the next city. There's something fun and slightly irresponsible about travelling without a hotel room or change of clothes. Have a late lunch when you land, enjoy a Sunday Sesh at an awesome bar and catch the last flight home for work on Monday.

3. Try that thing you always wanted to learn but had a million reasons not to. Everyone's got one, it might be parkour, hair dressing, graffiti, sewing or business management. Stop making excuses and give it a go – right now. Your only other choice is to be one of those people who wakes up at 40 with a family they resent for preventing them from following their dreams.

4. Work harder than you've ever worked before. Whether it's tertiary education, your career or social climbing the British Monarchy, now is the point in your life when you'll have the most time to dedicate to your personal goals. Achieve everything you can now so when it comes time for a family, you will have fulfilled your other goals and be able to focus on your offspring... no matter how desperately unappealing that may seem at the moment.

5. Wrap it before you tap it. How hilarious is that? I read that phrase for the first time this morning and love it! It's important to remember that even though we're older and wiser than we were in our teens, your life can still get majorly effed up by STDs or unplanned pregnancy.

6. Learn to be ok on your own. I know this is way more clich̩ than the rest of this list combined, but it's true. Many people forget that you're supposed to come out of your 20s resembling a fully functional adult. On top of all the other responsibilities, this means you should be able to have a meal in a restaurant on your own Рcue horror music. I am no where near ready for this yet but it's an important fear to conquer.

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