Saturday, 8 February 2014

24 Hour Social Hibernation

Social Hibernation is a concept I'm not too familiar with. To be perfectly honest, I would have spelled the word 'hibernation' incorrectly if it wasn't for spell check. Despite my lack of experience, I've started to really enjoy the time I spend alone. As such, I pencilled in a social hibernation for the weekend. Below is a timeline of events that lead to my failure.

Sadly, I can't actually hibernate because I have a cat. After half an hour of relentless meowing and pawing at my face, I agree to get her breakfast in exchange for some peace and quite.

Back to bed.

My mother calls. FML. After 26 minutes of polite mumbling, she gets the hint and leaves me alone. I have a little sip of NyQuil to avoid any further interruptions.

That was a good nap. I check out Facebook & Instagram, then dose off again.

I'm awoken by another phone call. Perhaps social hibernation would be more effective if I mentioned it to my social circle or put my phone on do not disturb. After chatting, I get lost on a Thought Catalogue tangent and end up falling asleep again.

I drag my arse out of bed to run some errands and do a bit of exercise... only because I have an ongoing competition and I'm currently losing.

Gossip Girl marathon – I accidentally lose 5 hours. How did that happen?

I decide to write about my day in the hope that it will stave off any guilt about being so lazy. I manage to come up with the words above and plan to subject you to them as some kind of cruel joke... Sorry about that.

My step brother messages me. He's at a club in the Valley, ten minutes from my house. It would be rude not to go, right?

I enter the club. I have an awesome night involving shots, slinkies, 90s music, a high school reunion, the Getaway Plan and random conversations with alternative boys.

I get home.

I'm awoken by my cat.

There's no denying my social hibernation was a failure. I won't be attempting it again any time soon. Now I'm left with a headache, an arm full of club stamps and a midday meeting that I can't reschedule. Where's the KFC at?!

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